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Now that the finale is coming up for Sol Savior, it's time for a visit from Dido's Wingnut industrialist family!

First up is her Mom, Alexia Sybil, Renegade Philosopher and CEO of the Phoenicia Consortium:

"Humanity's greatest strength is its ambition! Those with ambition are true beacons of humanity! Those without ambition...are scum!"

Next up is her older brother, Hyacinth Sybil, an avant-garde architect...of space colonies in the Earth Sphere!

"Thousands may live in the habitats I design...but I construct them for myself!"

Lastly, there's her slightly young sister, Persephone Sybil, founder and senior partner of the Sybil and Associates Law Firm. She has her own private space transport. She slicks back her hair. And she sues.

"Take my card. Call me when you finally decide to seize what's yours!"
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Here's a few new special moves Dido picked up while fighting with ShelLancer: not because of any upgrade she picked up, but simple because she figured out new applications for her current loadout:

Ground-Channeled Lance Shock:

By ramming ShelLancer's lance into the ground and discharging lightning towards Arc Thorns buried in the ground, Dido can damage the feet of enemy units, bypassing barriers and thick external armor, as well as weakening the integrity of the ground around her, creating sinkholes if it's fragile enough. This leaves ShelLancer unable to react to other opponents.

Arc Thorn Recycle Mode:

By tweaking the Arc Thorn's settings, Dido can recall launched Arc Thorns buried in armor or the ground and send them at flying at new enemies, as long as they have rocket fuel left over. This works best in low gravity/zero-g environments.

Arc Thorn Shield Formation:

By programming new flight paths into the Arc Thorns, Dido can use them defensively as well as offensively. She can launch Arc Thorns toward her enemies in a spiral formation, then zap them with a Lance Shock to create a temporary barrier of lightning, destroying projectiles and weakening particle beam blasts by subtracting their protons. Lasers go right through.

She can use ShelLancer's Shell Boost to charge forward right behind the Shield Formation, using it as a barrier to get in melee range.

Arc Thorn Labyrinth Mode:

She's also come up with an alternate mode inspired by the Sol Sanctum, where she launches Arc Thorns that swirl around her in a cloud, then charges them to create a cylindrical lightning shield, a la Doctor Doom's "Molecular Shield".

It should be mentioned that Arc Thorns are NOT bits. They cannot instantly react to mental commands from the wielder: they are missiles with pre-programmed flight paths and basic homing capabilities. It's new programming that gives them new capabilities.
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Character Outline: Dido Sybil

Player Name: aldo salt
Personal LJ: actuallyselfish
AIM Contact: aldo salt
Character Name: Dido Sybil
Source Canon: Dawn of Miracles SolSavior (OC)
Community Tag: Dido Sybil
HMD: Probably don't want one unless it's necessary.


Grease monkey turned pilot for the world defense organization Solaris. Pilots the ShelLancer, which combines with Mizuki's DuskBird and Kenichi's ScarleTiger to form the invincible SolSavior!!!

In more detail:

Enticed by an increased paycheck, Solaris-employed technician Dido Sybil was wrangled into becoming a backup pilot for the Sol-energy powered behemoth known as ShelLancer! Perturbed at first, Dido consoled herself with the knowledge that the threats Solaris was built to fight had long since perished, and no new cosmic threat was likely to emerge out of the woodwork–

How wrong she was! Suddenly, from another dimension, the universe conquering Indalph launch their invasion of our reality, determined to dominate our world! From humble mechanic to frontline soldier against the other-dimensional tyranny, Dido must either find a replacement as soon as she can–

–or step up her game, and become both a mechanic and pilot worthy...

...of SolSavior!

Original Canon Background:

If you know anything about modern art, architecture, Space Habitat engineering, or philosophy, you may have heard about the Sybils. For generations, they've been a family of innovators and doers, athletic, attractive, and intensely brilliant. At each epoch of artistic and scientific advancement, a Sybil has been there, breaking taboos and taking risks, full of disdain for 'intellectual cowards'.

Dido Sybil (the second oldest of two daughters and a son) is the Sybil's black sheep in the only way that a Black Sheep can exist in a family of Ubermensches; she's a Last Man, lazy and unambitious, keen on living a quiet, humble life filled with creature comforts.

It was only after lot of hassling from her family (usually involving long philosophical speeches that would go on for hours) that she decided to take a job that was both lucrative and theoretically significant-doing maintenance on giant robots.

After several years earning mecha-tech tenure at different power-loader companies and skunkworks firms, Dido Sybil was hired by the Solaris organization, four years after the final destruction of the Great Black Void. Since then, she's been working as a Chief Mechanic and Technical Advisor on the SolSavior project, collaborating with several other engineers and bureaucrats to work out exactly just what SolSavior and it's components should be.

She was there for Mizuki's adolescence, and bonded with her a bit over shared interests in music and books. Occasionally she works with Solaris's culinary/Deep Sea Diving division to find new food items for her.

Around when the SolSavior machines were getting assembled, Dido ran tests on the limbs to measure their integrity, and on the cockpit controls to measure their response times.

The higher-ups who controlled Solaris from behind the scenes noticed this. And when Sara Harper disappeared on a recon mission, they approached her and asked her to stand in as a pilot for the ShelLancer unit, until they could retrieve Harper or train a replacement...


There are giant robot mechanics that plunge into their work with effort and guts, restoring wrecked super robots into full fighting condition just in time to stop the newest monster from destroying the city.

There are giant robot mechanics who are also Mech Otakus, in love with the beauty of mechanisms in giant human form.

Dido Sybil, at the beginning, is not this. She is the Super Robot mechanic equivalent of a bored IT hotline technician, counting down the hours to her lunch break rather than plunging into her work with passion and guts.

Throughout the development of SolSavior, she advocated using cheap materials, stripping out extra weapons, and installing low-power reactors, in the belief that at most, SolSavior would be a glorified corporate mascot occasionally hauled out to deal with disaster relief or Kaiju runts. She's the worst nightmare of passionate Hot-Blooded Believers in Justice- an engineer who tells you why something can't be done, rather than how it can!

That's not to say that she's incompetent. She knows the little tricks of the trade for how to take an idea that's on paper and translate it into reality. She knows when to fine tune a delicate mechanism, and she knows when a quick whack with a wrench will kick-start a machine into action. She'll get the job done...if there's someone to browbeat and hassle her into doing so.

Dido, at the beginning, is very much a slacker. She doesn't pick up often, will take longer breaks from her job than necessary, and doesn't have much ambition for her career or her life at the moment. She even smokes pot from time to time.

She's lazy because she bores easily, and also because still doesn't know what she wants in life. Beyond having a steady job, she is at a loss as to what she wants, and is secretly humiliated at the fact that she has no grand life goal to change the world.

If pushed about her lack of purpose (particularly by her siblings and parents, whenever she gets in touch with them), she'll get very defensive. She likes using the Tao de Ching quote of “Using knots to record things, hearing dogs and chickens from the neighboring village, and yet never visiting them” to justify her way of life.

It's not sloth, Dido will say, it's efficient happiness. People don't need much to live a good life: sometimes simplicity and quiet is all you need.

It's a self-serving philosophy. But when the Indalph demonstrate just how far they're willing to go to subjugate the Earth and the surrounding universe, this belief is what rouses Dido's anger and contempt against them, and for the first time in her life, gives her a solid goal.

She actually starts to work hard and after hours, and to everyone's surprise, manages to improve the Sol Machines in various ways. She starts training to become an ace pilot, and becomes a generally okay one.

Fighting alongside her teammates against a horribly alternate reality in a high stakes fight for the sake of the world, in which death is the kindest outcome of failure...she discovers, to her surprise that she's never felt more alive.

Capabilities and Resources:

As said above, Dido Sybil is a good mechanic: she can keep the junkiest of junk up and running, and can turn out some damn nice designs of her own.

Due to having to perform stress tests and systems checks, she's picked up basic piloting skills for most kinds of robots, enough to walk one around, move it's arms, pick something up, get up, and lie down. This is how she wound up becoming a stand-in pilot for SolSavior.

She is not an ace pilot. Particularly near the beginning, she's clumsy with the ShelLancer during combat, panics and freezes under fire, and has trouble combining with ScarleTiger and DuskBird to form the eponymous mech!

But certain events occur, and as she begins to gets a glimpse of the true nature of the Indalph, she decides to become a pilot that can make a difference in the field against them. After a long period of training and battlefield experience, she'll cobble together a fighting style based on brute force, dirty tricks, improvised weapons, low blows, and cheap shots.

She'll also be inspired to do some creative thinking, and rig up some special weapons using both Solaris funds and the time-honored tradition of poking through junkyards and surplus depots. Weapons that can give Sol-Savior and it's pilots a much needed edge...

Robot Name: ShelLancer

Robot Description:

The Big Tanky Robot of the SolSavior trio. Thickly armored, it is designed to pummel opponents into submission from close to medium ranges in both it's humanoid, turtle, and tank mode. It's basic weapons loadout is ineffective at long ranges, allowing agile/sniper units to keep a distance and wear it down.

However, even with a clumsy pilot, any sane person would think twice before taking it on point blank.


Shell Flak!!! : A stand off ranged attack. Tiny, coil-guns are embedded in the chest, legs, and shoulder pauldrons of ShelLancer's armor, loaded with rows of ferrous-ceramic ball bearings the size of sofas. Based on early twenty-first century tube-loaded gun designs such as Metal Storm™, ShelLancer can discharge these 'tube rounds' from it's armor plating in quick volleys, turning it into a walking landmine.

It's a huge hassle to reload.

Humanoid Form: By tweaking the settings, Dido can deploy Shell-Flak rounds in a sphere around ShelLancer, or trigger only the tube rounds facing forwards and backwards.

Turtle Form: The tube rounds are angled in an anti-air configuration on the turtle's shell, and can't pivot to take down low-slung ground targets.

Tank Form: ShelLancer's armor is slanted forward, allowing the tube rounds to fire forward in an arc, mortar-style.

Shell Boost!!!: By triggering foot-mounted rockets and motor powered wheels on it's bottom ala 'Code Geass' or 'VOTOMS', the otherwise slow ShelLancer can build up velocity and charge at an enemy at high speed, impacting them with the force of a bull. However, all that momentum is hard to slow down, and an opponent that sees it coming can side-step Toreador style.

Humanoid Form: ShelLancer moves like a a bulky roller-derby player.

Turtle Form: ShelLancer, being more low-slung, can pivot, turn and side step quicker.

Tank Form: ShelLancer is at it's least maneuverable, but can brake faster.

Shell Lance!!!: A giant, knightly lance. A melee weapon that pierces through enemies, durable enough to deflect blows from all kinds of hand-held weapons. Contains concentrated power cells and Tesla coils, which can project arcs of high-voltage current in a move called the–

Lance Shock!!!!: A close-range electrocution attack ala “Buster Collider”. Often used in concert with the Shell Lance's piercing attack. The Shell Lance doesn't have to be touching an enemy in order to shock it, but, like real-life Tesla coils, it doesn't have much range. That is, unless an enemy has gotten skewered by Arc Thorns first.

Humanoid Form: The Shell Lance is a melee weapon that can defend and shiskabab with equal grace.

Turtle Form: The Shell Lance forms ShelLancer's tail in Turtle form, and defends it's rear with bursts of alternating current.

Tank Form: The Shell Lance is positioned vertically, and discharges lightening in a concentric circle around ShelLancer's tank form, keeping enemies from closing in.

Arc Thorns!!!: Lightning rods with rocket motors attached. Deploying from ShelLancer's huge shoulder pauldrons, they lock onto a target, and either stab into it like darts, or embed themselves into the earth around it in a circle. Then Dido points the Shell Lance at the enemy, and the resulting Lance Shock is conducted towards the Arc Thorns and into the enemy!

Humanoid Form: As stated before, they launch from ShelLancer's shoulder in humanoid form. ShelLancer can also wield them in it's hands as anti-armor daggers in a pinch.

Turtle Form: The Arc Thorns deploy from side mounts in ShelLancer's turtle form, shooting straight forward.

Tank Form: The Arc Thorn launchers are mounted in the rear of ShelLancer's tank form, and 'arc' in a parabolic trajectory when fired at enemies.

Size: L

Terrain compatibility: (Broken down into Tank/Turtle/Humanoid modes)
Air: No/No/No
Ground: Yes/Yes/Yes
Water: Yes/Yes/No
Space: No/No/Yes
Favored terrain: Land


SolSavior: (

Divine Mines!!!: A piece of anti-mech technology that Dido Sybil develops to even the odds for SolSavior in unfair fights!

In it's basic form, they're capacitors that holds a charge of Sol Energy, tipped with a cross-shaped charge: buried in the ground or dropped during a retreat, it can be triggered by seismic pressure and radio signals: they're designed to take out the feet/bellies of enemy machines, ruining their internal integrity.

Thorn Boxes: Cheap, deployable ground box launchers that fire off a volley of five Arc Thorns when signaled. A way for ShelLancer to deploy more Arc Thorns that it can carry.


Kentaro Torao (ScarleTiger) (

Mizuki Onodera (Duskbird) (

Job: Chief Mechanic and Technical Advisor for Project Sol.

What it says on the title. Fixing up the Sol machines, cobbling together parts, and giving talks at budget meetings.

She technically also is a test pilot for ShelLancer, but she'll insist loudly and frequently that it's just a temporary gig, and the moment her contract expires, she's throwing in the flight suit! For sure!

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